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Let us meet in Istanbul for a world free from intercultural conflicts, where cultural diversity is an asset and not a liability

The Partners Forum for the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations is a major event that will bring together governments, intergovernmental organizations as well as businesses, foundations and individuals who have shown a strong commitment to realizing the vision of a world free from intercultural conflicts and divides, where cultural diversity is an asset and not a liability.

Our Partners
  • Member of the AoC Group of Friends
  • International and Intergovernmental Organizations
  • Civil Soceity Organizations
  • Corporations and Foundations
  • Academic and Research Centers
  • Individual Enterpreneurs

Our Targets
  • to share with the partners the priority projects of the Alliance
  • to renew partnership between the Alliance and the private sector
  • to share the expertise and knowledge of cooperation between the Alliance and its partners
  • to adress the resource needs of the Alliance for 2012 and 2013
UNAoC Istanbul Partners Forum Documents